Whippy Driver

Okay, now I am going to get into one of those old, but tried and true, golf training aids – the whippy driver.  I first experienced this golf training aid in the mid 1980s when I went to the Ben Sutton Golf Academy in Sun City, FL.

The whippy driver I have even has a wooden head which really tells you how old my is.  In any event, this is a perfect training aid to help golfers of any skill level.  For me it works great because I am naturally a fast swinger of the club and I tend to get ahead of myself when I swing.  The whippy driver has a very whippy shaft that makes hitting the ball off the tee virtually impossible until you slow you swing down so that your swing is a one piece motion.

The reason it works is that it will create a smooth tempo with your swing, not matter what speed you swing the club.  If you jerk the club backward, you will not be able to  hit the ball when you swing toward the target as you will not be able to control the head of the club.  Only by swinging with your large muscles and not the small muscles of your hand, will you be able to make solid contact on the ball.

The video below shows the Tempomaster whippy driver which you can purchase today.

Why can’t I close the club face?

My short irons are high and short, my mid irons are high, short and fading right, my long irons are high slices and my driver and 3wood produce banana balls that I reserve for the driving range. I have tried what seems like everything to get myself to close the club face but it never happens. ….. In fact that thought is the entire basis for learning to hit the Whippy training clubs straight– ANY interference from the dominant side causes a disastrous slice. […]

Whippy Driver

You can’t push a chain or a rope or a string– nor can you apply leverage to a Whippy club with a flyrod flexible shaft. Note that long drive competitors train with Whippy drivers–because they know that leverage from the handle […]

The Whippy TempoMaster: Tips and Drills

The Whippy TempoMaster: Tips and Drills

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